Kitesurfing Guidelines

Anyone who has kitesurfed North Norfolk’s beaches knows they are among the safest and most beautiful in the country.

Kitesurfing is a very environmentally friendly sport and those who pursue it generally have a deep understanding and respect for mother nature.

Please take time to read these club safety guidelines before heading to the beach.


WIND: Recommended in anything from SSW through W round to N.

TIDES: Best at low tide when the sandbar emerges on the outside and the water is butter-flat. As soon as the tide creeps up towards the groynes it’s time to pack up and head round to Old Hunstanton.

DIRECTIONS: Very easy to find as Hunstanton only has one beach and it runs alongside the town. Head to the green and you can’t miss it!

PARKING: There is a council operated car park next to the Sailing Club. Parking at the Sailing Cluib itself is restricted to HSC members only. Alternatives car parks are near the Oasis swimming pool and behind O’Quigleys. Non-members found parking in HSC spaces will receive a legally enforceable parking fine.

SETTING UP: Please avoid launching in-between the groynes for safety reasons.

SPECIAL COMMENTS: Kitesurf into the sunset on the east coast! Nice…

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EMS Good Practice Guide

The European Marine Site (Wash and North Norfolk Coast) have produced a good practice guide for beach users. It’s worth a read as many of the issues covered affect watersports. The guide also has a useful list of contacts.

EMS Good Practice Guide:


Thanks for taking the time to read this guide. One final thing – if you see someone doing or about to do something dangerous (such as launch a kite which is too big for the conditions) please have the courage to approach them with a few friendly words of advice. You will be doing them and all of us a huge favour.